GSfastmold is a young company with an innovative team, based on the know-how acquired from its founders in over thirty years of experience.

We manufacture high-technology metallic moulds for the plastic industry, specialized in the manufacturing of moulds for the automotive, pharmaceutical, electrical, household and utility sectors.

We offer electrodischarge (EDM) services and CNC machining, development of a three-dimensional project, design and programming.

From product development to final product, GSfastmold works in strict accuracy to ensure client satisfaction with high quality standards.

GSfastmold is a company that thinks and works as a group, aiming to become a reference provider and to transform ideas into reality, and making any project a mould capable of meeting the needs of its clients.


GSfastmold's primary goal is to meet the requirements and demands of its clients, dedicated to innovation through the use of new technologies, in order to ensure the best results and the excellent quality of its products.

We have a team of twenty employees to ensure the rigorous and competitive execution of your moulds.

GSfastmold works towards becoming a perfect partner for the success of its clients, through a constant evolution in human and technological resources.


We are certified by SGS ICS, according to NP EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate nº. PT15 / 05359.


Through the commitment of leadership and its collaborators GSFastmold - Fabricação de Moldes Lda, Search in the development of his business of Manufacturing of Molds and Components for Injection of Plastics and Thermosettings:

  • Increase customer and all stakeholder satisfation;
  • Continuous improvement of the organization’s processes;
  • Continuously meet industry legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Involvement of all employees, subcontractors, suppliers ans other stake;
  • Innovation, Modernization and Updating;
  • Provide confidence to the customer that the desired level of quality will be met by the servisse provided;
  • Propose solutions and measures leading to the improvement of means, processes and techniques, ensuring dynamism and speed in response to customers.
  • Periodically monitor and measure the established objectives, processes identified and the company’s products/services.
  • Ensure that a quality management system is developed, implemented, understood, communicated, maintained and reviewed, as well as ensuring the necessary conditions for its maintenance and continuous improvement  of  its effectiveness, according to the requirements of  NP EN ISO 9001.